MATH CLUB: Math in business

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Datum: 15.06.2024
Zeit: 09:00 - 12:00

Familienzentrum Fl├╝├╝gepilz

To whom?
Children aged between 11 and 14
(No previous mathematical knowledge is required.

90 CHF / person
(80 CHF for members of the Familienclub Erlenbach)

math in business – introduction to optimization

Operations research (OR) is a scientific approach to solving problems in the management of complex systems, empowering decision makers to improve their decision-making capabilities. OR is used by businesses across all industry sectors, governments and others.

What’s going on?
During the workshop, we will discover linear programming, one of the simplest ways to perform optimization.
Using Lego bricks we will give help to the production manager of a furniture factory, to make the best desicion in order to earn the highest profit.
In addition, everyone can create her/his own business and optimize the production and selling process to reach highest profit.

Why participate?
1. You will learn about
– the history and importance of operations research
– linear programming technique to solve complex optimization problems
– mathematical modeling

2. The workshop develops, teaches
– logical and algorithmic thinking
– critical thinking
– problem-solving and abstract thinking
– communication, decision-making
– problem-solving and abstract thinking


For registration or in case of any questions, please contact the course leader:

Panna Miskolczi
+41 79 570 78 68 or mail to: